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11.03.2011 · Posted in Seminars

The following Seminars will be held at University of Rome Tor Vergata in the frame of the Satellite Telecommunication class:

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Satellite Telecommunications class

09.02.2010 · Posted in SatCom class

Provide the main elements on the characteristics of satellite networks for telecommunication purposes. The course spans over all the OSI layers highlighting for each one the peculiarity of the implementation of techniques and methodologies for satellite systems with a view also on the main design and system aspects of the commercially available systems.

Hystory. Main characteristics of constellations (GEO, LEO, MEO, HEO). Fixed and mobile propagation channel and main countermeasures. Physical layer (modulation, coding, interleaving, multibeam coverage, interference, OBP). Standardization and regulation. Spectrum management. Link budget and Dimensioning. Multiple access fixed assignment, random access, DAMA and hybrid. DVB S, DVB S2. Broadcast systems. Satellite DAB. Payload. Networking: IP, TCP, PEP techniques and performance evaluation. Encapsulation. Quality of Service. DVB IP and DVB RCS. Network security. Ground segment, subsystems and functional analysis. Network Control Center functionalities. Services and applications. Call control procedures. Integration with terrestrial networks. Intersegment Handover. Market. Satellite UMTS. Design of a satellite network utilizing operational satellite systems.

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