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Satellite Emulator

11.02.2010 · Posted in Laboratory, Late News

Satellite Multimedia Group has developed several tools to support studies related to satellite communications. A detailed description of both such tools and some related research activities can be found here >>>>SMG tools<<<<

The group is developing a satellite simulator composed of 5 PC to study applications and transport protocols in an emulated satellite environment.

The figure below shows details about the satellite emulator:


Every PC emulates a single component of a tipical satellite environment VSAT, with DVB-RCS or terrestrial return channel. In particular, pc are involved in:

  1. Gateway/HUB
  2. Satellite
  3. Satellite terminal (i.e. modem)
  4. User terminal (i.e. client FTP and HTTP)

Figure, shows the pc’s logical interconnections:


wip.pngA web interface (for testing IP real traffic on the Gateway/Hub using the satellite emulator) is available at the link:

Sensible Project

06.21.2010 · Posted in Sensible

The Satellite Enhanced Network System for flexiBLE bandwidth management (Sensible) project will start on January 2010 and would supply the SATCOM market with a service capable to distribute dynamically the bandwidth and managing the quality of service for a set of users within the same administrative domain, to which a fixed amount of bandwidth is assigned from the satellite operator. It is a funded project by the European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC). Read the rest of this entry »