TLC Sat Satellite Multimedia Group


04.09.2018 · Posted in Vibes

Implementation of VIrtualised Network Functions (VNFs) for Broadband Satellite Networks ARTES AT 6A.054 – ITT 8995

The VIBeS project aims to design, prototype and validate enhanced Virtualized Network Function – Performance Enhancing Proxy (VNF-PEP) exploiting recent Web protocols. State of the art Internet protocols will be analyzed and optimized introducing a novel element in the end-to-end satellite and inegrated satellite-terrestial architecture, to implement 5G compliant acceleration elements.

STA VoIP Project

03.19.2015 · Posted in Athena-Fidus

The scope of the project and its field of application are related to voice over IP service optimization, in relation to Athena-Fidus Civil (AFIC) platform. The analysis is conducted with the aid of a Satellite Simulation Platform. With reference to the following Figure 1, the activities in charge to Italtel will be carried out within the Testing platform (green arrow), specifically tailored to the AFIC new specification.