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Satellite Emulator

11.02.2010 · Posted in Laboratory, Late News

Satellite Multimedia Group has developed several tools to support studies related to satellite communications. A detailed description of both such tools and some related research activities can be found here >>>>SMG tools<<<<

The group is developing a satellite simulator composed of 5 PC to study applications and transport protocols in an emulated satellite environment.

The figure below shows details about the satellite emulator:


Every PC emulates a single component of a tipical satellite environment VSAT, with DVB-RCS or terrestrial return channel. In particular, pc are involved in:

  1. Gateway/HUB
  2. Satellite
  3. Satellite terminal (i.e. modem)
  4. User terminal (i.e. client FTP and HTTP)

Figure, shows the pc’s logical interconnections:


wip.pngA web interface (for testing IP real traffic on the Gateway/Hub using the satellite emulator) is available at the link:

TOP – project description

09.02.2010 · Posted in TOP

TOP Project top-logo1202.gif

ESA Artes1 contract

Project Objectives

Performance Enhancement Proxies (PEPs) are key elements for meeting basic performance requirements for interactive Internet usage via satellite. Accordingly, the Satlabs group has produced the specification for an Interoperable PEP (I-PEP).
The objective of the activity is “to develop an alternative congestion control method [to standard TCP], fully interoperable with the I-PEP specification and specifically aimed at optimizing web browsing performance in the I-PEP environment, while maintaining good performance for other TCP traffic such as large files.” Read the rest of this entry »

TOP DEMO online

09.01.2010 · Posted in TOP

TOP Project – TCP-Noordwijk online demo.

The satellite emulator platform has been adapted to host a demo on TCP-Noordwijk performance over an I-PEP ↔ I-PEP satellite link with DAMA.